Each month, Adam selects an original song, a new location & overall instrumentation that fits the current season & vibe in Northeast Ohio. Watch the latest videos in Adam's monthly video series #AdamsSongoftheMonth now on Facebook to see how the seasons are progressing.

Phases EP

Adam's quiet, introspective debut "Phases", was released in November 2017. The 3-song EP tackles incredibly personal topics including the aftermath of divorce, childhood nostalgia, and family illness, while maintaining a sense of light and hope. Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other major platforms.

Christmas for Two (Orchestral Remix)

This classic-sounding, romantic Christmas duet pays homage to songs like Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song", with lush, sweeping strings and soothing vocals. "Christmas for Two" was co-written and performed by Lauren Morgan & Adam Reifsnyder, and recently received an update in the form of the Orchestral Remix for the 2018 holiday season.

About Adam

Adam Reifsnyder is a musician, songwriter, and performer currently living in Cleveland, Ohio.

As a founding member of the pop band Walk the Moon, Adam spent 6 years writing, performing, and playing with the band, and has writer credit on multiple songs from their debut RCA release, including the hit "Anna Sun".

After leaving Walk the Moon in 2009, Adam co-founded the popular Northeast Ohio newgrass trio Honeybucket.  Honeybucket saw regional success as they built a strong local following, headlined multiple NEO festivals, and had their song "Old High Road" (written by Adam) featured as the theme song of the 40th Cleveland International Film Festival.

Now primarily focusing on solo efforts, Adam has released a 3-song EP "Phases", an original Christmas song and an orchestral remix, and is working hard on future releases & collaborations, both as Adam Reifsnyder, and with his pop-centric side project, Astronymer. Adam is also actively working on his monthly video series, #AdamsSongoftheMonth to showcase the progression of the seasons in Ohio through music.

Adam Reifsnyder with Acoustic Guitar